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I am up for ANY challenge, any role, anytime. I can play your Doctor, Cop, Lawyer, Evil Psychopath, or any young professional. I have the mindset intelligence, and the ability to assume the identity of any character.

On a rainy Monday morning in September, I walked into my first audition in almost 7 years. 100 Joe Sernios in the waiting room just as I remembered, BUT something was different. I wasn't that same young starving actor I was only a short time ago. I wasn't that actor who had made it, and no longer the actor that was up and coming. I was looked at as someone from the past but still a familiar face. When asked "What have you been up to" I simply reply "learning my way". Learning life and most of all learning myself. I quickly realized that my being absent helped guide me to where I was going and who I wanted to be. I realized that for the very first time I can walk into a room, know what I was worth and walk out still knowing what I was worth. I knew the business side of life and the business side of myself. I was back..

I spend my life working very hard at all that I do. Learning something new every single day. I had a dream to work on Television so I did it. To be in movies, so I did it. To build businesses, so I did it. I've worked on soaps, TV Shows, Films, Indie Films, Commercials, and Print. My love for the arts will never go away. I built companies. I built businesses. I built me.

I'm a serial entrepreneur. Seriously. I want to build things and it starts with two things. My career and myself. The success I've had to date all stems from my love for acting and life in general. Do I love the spotlight? Sure, who doesn't? I used to dress up in suits when I was a kid pretending I was this big businessman but more importantly I have been able to develop the mindset intelligence, and the ability to assume the identity of any character. If you can dream it you can live it.

I love film and television. Just the thought of being able to portray someone and get into the mindset that's so different than yours is amazing. I'm up for any challenge, hell I built an entire Digital Marketing Campus during a pandemic (Check It Out). I'm what you're looking for.



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