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I am up for ANY challenge, any role, anytime. I can be your Doctor, Cop, Lawyer, Evil Psychopath, or any young professional. I have the mindset, intelligence, and ability to assume the identity of any character.

Do I love the spotlight? Sure, who doesn't? I used to dress up in suits when I was a kid pretending I was this big businessman but more importantly I have been able to develop the mindset intelligence, and the ability to assume the identity of any character. If you can dream it you can live it.

I spend my life working very hard at all that I do. Learning something new every single day. I had a dream to work on Television so I did it. To be in movies, so I did it. To build businesses, I did it. I've worked on soaps, TV Shows, Films, Indie Films, Commercials, and Print. My love for the arts will never go away. I built companies. I built businesses. I built me.

I'm a serial entrepreneur. I want to build things and it starts with my career and myself. The success I've had to date all stems from my love for acting and life in general. I love film and television. Just the thought of being able to portray someone and get into a mindset that's so different than yours is amazing. I'm up for any challenge, hell I built an entire Digital Marketing Campus during a pandemic (Check It Out).



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